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Product and Services

1. Logistics

  • Standardized products and services, first-class container logistics

  • Global high safety standards, back-end cloud services, whole-process control

  • Online distribution, door-to-door services

  • Multi-purpose application: leasing, storage, logistic operations; stable supply

2. LNG Trading

  • Nearby-service all across the country, centered purchasing platform for smaller customers

  • Direct access to international LNG trading market, stable LNG supply

  • Flexible deployment to match customers' requirement for different LNG gasification rates and calorific values

  • Develop a spot/forward LNG trading platform and discover an open & fair pricing mechanism, and provide risk management.

3. Rental

  • Greater heat preservation, lower vapor loss

  • Digital instrument, easily integrated into customers' DCS system

  • Standard service, easy tank exchanging, global safety standard

4. Industrial Energy Solution

  • Standard product design and control, integrated with Absoenergy safety management system

  • Compliant construction, safety distance, controlled, easy deployment and centralized management

  • Strong investment risk controllability, advanced back-end technical support

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